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Freeborn Picnics Was Founded To Escape Everyday Life.

We know how important it is to enjoy stress free moments with the people you love most, which is why we are passionate about creating your perfect picnic escape! 


Come escape and allow us to be your break from reality and create an atmosphere where you can embrace the special moments in life.

Get To Know Us


"I have always had a passion for bringing people together and creating art for others to enjoy. Freeborn Picnics has become a unique and creative outlet, where I can share these passions while making people's favorite moments that much more special. I hope Freeborn Picnics inspires people to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with the people they love most, and  enjoy the special moments in life."

- Founder Morgan Zepeda


"Life is too short to not celebrate the milestones, or enjoy the simple pleasure of priceless time with loved ones."  

- Founder Sadie Wheeler

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